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Welcome to the Business Builders Connection

Business Builders Connection is an online marketing agency that is committed to increasing the success and growth of small businesses. We understand that keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape is essential for businesses in order to compete, grow, and stay ahead. Our specialized team of experts is committed to providing the most cutting-edge technology and digital strategies to ensure that your business leads the way in generating more customer traffic, better sales and higher ROI.


Since the start of the year (2023), Artificial Intelligence has become a major player in changing how businesses are marketing online. Our team of professionals understands the challenges businesses are facing and is committed to providing the best solutions so they don’t fall behind.


Our goal is to help businesses maximize their potential and establish themselves as a leader in their sector by staying up to date and ahead of the competition. Let us be your guide in propelling your business to the next level.

Our Featured Products

Checkout our most popular products. These are recently added to our portfolio.

Litterateur AI

With our AI-powered solutions, you can save time and effort in content creation by generating high-quality content with just one click, and achieve better results in your marketing efforts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your content creation process and drive remarkable success!

QikConnect - NFC Technology For Todays' Businesses

NFC technology is quickly becoming a popular way for businesses to use digital business cards. Effortless customer engagement, cost effective alternative to business cards, send SMS, share product information and much more. Go here to learn more.

MassFluence - Build Your Own Community

Introducing MassFluence – Everything you need to grow your business by building a community of followers in a safe space. Everything You Need To Seamlessly To Build a Following and Run Your Business Online

Click Agency A.I.

Videos say more to your website visitors in far less time than any text could explain in 80,000 words. People pay more attention when they see and hear what you are offering and make a buying decision at that point. Creating a video no longer means studios, actors and long scripts – let our A.I. do it for you..

AI Powered Branded Chatbots

As a busy business owner, you know how tedious and time-consuming it can be to answer customer inquiries and provide solutions to specific problems. With Rebrandable A.I., you no longer have to worry about the tedious task of managing customer conversations – the A.I. does it for you. Rebrandable A.I. eliminates the time-consuming task of responding to customer questions and ensures that customers get the answers they need within the shortest time possible.

Just Ask Me

Leverage This Groundbreaking ‘Speed to Lead’ Instant Live Video Technology and Reduce Your Customer’s Journey Process to a Single Click Using ‘Speed-to-Lead’ Video Funnels. You don’t need a call center to talk with your customers. Let them call your phone from their browser, while you collect their name, email and phone number.

The Ultimate Website Builder

If you're not a web designer or if building a website is like magic to you, let our app help you create your best. Our template-based builder will help you get your website up and functioning in half the time those other site builders might. Create a single landing page, or an entire funnel, in no time. No more grappling with graphics or writing lines of code to get your business online.

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Rewards Programs

Reward your customers, increase their engagement and build loyalty using our rewards creation service. Easily create rewards for your business in any niche and attract every potential customer, engage them, gain trust and make more sales! Or if you just want to sell gift cards, we can help with that.

Get Started Rewarding Your Customers

Reputation Management

What if you could capture, review, and publish testimonials to your local profile pages - including Google My Business, Facebook, Zillow and Yelp? Now you can with Reputor 2.0, by placing our powerful review capturing technology on your web site that generates testimonials for your local profiles .

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Lead Generation Methods

Todays' Marketing Requires Different Methods of Generating Leads. Check Out Our Apps Below.

Design Agency 101

Sometimes you just want to take control of your marketing designs and creatives. We have the prefect solution for you. Our Design Suite has everything you need to build a successful marketing campaign without spending an entire year's budget.

Start Designing

Get Clients Fast

Lead generation has changed in the last few years. Getting visitors to enter their contact information is harder than ever before. Many people don't like filling in a form, or give their real information online. The good news is that there are easier ways to get that data.

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Customer Interaction

Todays' online consumers want information FAST. They don't want to fill out a form online, type in a long message and then wait for an answer in their email inbox. Because of mobile technology, and the ease on which anyone can use their mobile device, interacting with your website visitors has become just as easy. Click below to see how.

SMS Marketing

Book An Online Appointment

COVID-19 has changed how many people do business. Online appointments and video consultations are still a viable manner of conducting business. Face-to-face sales meetings and presentations are a concern for many and take more time from your business day.


We are no different than you. We are pleased to offer an online consultation just by clicking below.

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Meet Your Ultimate Super VA

MAVAS – Multi-Functional Virtual Assistant System

Effortlessly complete all your marketing tasks in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Choose A Task
Begin by picking from over 100 ready-made marketing tasks, or utilize Super VA for personalized marketing needs.
Step 2: Prompt or Voice Command
Choose from 150,000+ Prompts or give Siri-Like voice command. Revolutionize your marketing materials with our cutting-edge virtual assistant—no coding or writing skills required.
Step 3: Publish & Profit
Save or publish your 24/7 working marketing campaigns.

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Struggling To Make Social Posts Regularly?

If you’re like many small business owners you know that posting on social networks is a must to find new customers.
But, (Like many small business owners) findng, or creating, those posts is time consuming and challenging.

You know that:

  • Small businesses that aren’t posting video and image content are getting crushed by competition with big content creation teams.
  • PPC is too expensive, and posting a few times per day doesn’t drive traffic anymore.

But now, you can leverage a new AI assistant to create and post high amounts of quality, unique content for you BETTER than what top social agencies can make.

Learn More About AI Social and Take Control of Your Marketing

Give Your Customers A Chance

People love to take a chance; whether it’s on winning cash prizes, gifts or a savings of some kind. VidScratch provides you with an easy way to engage your customers and website visitors and collects their email address or even mobile number. With VidScratch your marketing and conversions just got easier. Our app allows you to offer value to your customers with a percentage off or dollar amount off, and you choose how may or how often.

Watch the Video to Learn More

Other Services We Provide

Business Builders Connection also helps your business with the following services . . .

Logo Design

A logo is your brand. It must accurately reflect your business (or you) so it is recognized in any media type or platform you use to market your business. We know there are many point-and-click logo creators online, but most don’t allow you to have the individuality your business deserves. Contact us to get a uniquely created logo for your business.

Coming Soon

Social Network Management

Managing multiple social network accounts is difficult. The rules change, the audience “appetite” changes rapidly, and it takes time to get your brand/product/identity noticed and getting sales and conversions. We can help manage multiple social networking platforms so you can spend more time doing what you are in business for.

Coming Soon

ADA Compliance For Websites

Last year (2021) saw an upswing in people filing lawsuits under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits businesses open to the public from discriminating against people with disabilities—whether in their brick-and-mortar buildings or their online sites. Data shows that more than 11,400 people filed an ADA Title III lawsuit in 2021—a 4%  increase from 2020 and a 320 percent increase since 2013. Is your business website protected?

Coming Soon

SEO Services

SEO is STILL a necessary service for your online presence. In the past SEO services and companies did this mysterious task that many people never understood. But, with the algorithm changes by the search engine giants that whole process has forced providers to have greater knowledge to get your website to the top of the search engines.

Want To Save Money?

More Lead Generation

Lead Generation isn’t always forms on a page. Many people may like to engage in other ways with your website or social network pages. Gamification, surveys, interactive videos, coupons, deal pages, rewards programs, even a help desk, all have the potential of generating leads. You no longer have to limit your lead generation to one method. We can offer many ways to generate more leads.

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More Helpful Apps

Convert Quiz

When someone visits your website they are looking for a solution. With Convert Quiz you ask them what they need, they click on the solution they seek, then the app sends your solution to their inbox. Simple, fast lead generation.

Learn More Here

Grow Your Audience

Lead generation is a complex undertaking, especially in today’s online marketing environment. One easy way to grow your customer base is through deals. You’ve probably used those deal sites and realized you may have given up more than you got back. Take a look at how you can save money creating deals without having to give your profits to those other sites.

Returning Soon!

Go Beyond Analytics

Google Analytics provides the basics of where, when, and how long someone visited or stayed on your website, but it cannot tell you WHAT they looked at, or how they interacted with your website. Site Detective provides you with the data to determine if a visitors clicks on a link or image, or leaves your website because they did not find the information they were looking for.

Visit MySite Detective to Learn More

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